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Market & distributor assessment

Case study #2: Market & distributor assessment in Southeast Asia

A multinational leader in wound care and regenerative medicine with a presence throughout Asia Pacific was looking to expand its footprint with the launch of several new products and renewed focus on a particular market in the region. After performing initial research, we quickly deployed in-country and met with over a dozen finalist candidates, as well as potential physician, hospital, and clinic customers and other stakeholders. We also attended a key regional surgical conference to validate claims and insights, as well as assess the local competitive landscape.

Following the initial assessment, market analysis and competitive intelligence report, the client’s regional leadership came to the market for three days of meetings with finalist candidates. The decision was made to segment their products into two groups, and two distributors were selected (one for each product category). We also assisted with preliminary onboarding of the candidates (in addition to the company’s internal corporate due diligence processes).

The client expects to significantly increase next year’s sales revenues in this market as a result of the assessment and new distributor partnerships. As a result of the success, they re-engaged us a few weeks later to perform a similar assessment in another market within the region.

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