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Wound care sales force training

Case #6: Wound care & regenerative medicine sales force training and insights

The VP of Sales and Director of Training for a major wound care and regenerative medicine device firm was interested in a holding a unique and valuable sales training session during their upcoming annual sales conference. They engaged us to provide refreshing and practical content that would be both engaging and actionable to their sales force in the short and long term.

The sales force attending was evenly split between veteran (5+ years) account executives and junior sales associates. All participants had already been through standard sales courses, workshops, and field training (in many cases, multiple times with multiple companies). Our client did not simply want a review of sales techniques, because all attendees had either been to dozens of such workshops, or had recently been through a similar program in new hire training.

Leveraging our unique experience as healthcare service providers and medical device customers in wound care, regenerative medicine, and related surgical and medical specialties, we delivered a one-of-a-kind sales training, which incorporated the following elements:

  • An in-depth view of the different stakeholders (including assessment of “pain points” and role play activities), including:
    • Hospital C-Suite
    • Administrators (directors, purchasers, office staff, etc.)
    • Surgeons and physicians
    • Clinicians
    • Patients
    • Inpatient vs. outpatient vs. home health considerations
    • Effective questions and sales points for each.
  • An explanation of financial and operational concepts (and how to effectively sell to them and overcome barriers), including:
    • Financial budgets and related issues (hospital-level, department-level, clinic-level, SNF-level, etc.)
    • The healthcare staffing and purchasing decision-making process
    • Practical reimbursement and revenue cycle management challenges and common objections
  • Understanding clinic flow and other subtleties to improve sales effectiveness:
    • Timing and clinic flow
    • “Dos and Don’ts” and other considerations unique to effective wound care and regenerative medicine sales

The workshop included presentations by a wound care administrator, clinical manager, and provider, as well as an open Q&A session that the attendees rated especially valuable during follow-up.

Over 90% of the attendees rated our workshop as the most valuable session of the three-day sales meeting. We were subsequently engaged by the same client to accompany some of their sales professionals on sales ride-alongs to provide real-time, field-based feedback.

Are you planning training for an upcoming quarterly, annual, sales leadership, or new hire meeting in the wound care, regenerative medicine, or related industry?
Would one or more members of your business development team or leadership find value in a sales ride-along with a professional who has been in the wound care customer’s position?

If the answer is “yes”, Contact us to discuss how a customized sales training session, workshop, or sales ride-along can be a refreshing boost to your organization’s sales effectiveness.