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Wound care service line assessment

Case #7: Wound care service line assessment

A leading international operator of hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers in Asia expressed an interest in increasing utilization in one of their rehabilitation facilities. They engaged us to assist with a preliminary assessment of:

  • Projected need for wound care among existing and regional patient demographics
  • Business and marketing approach
  • Clinical and administrative space needed
  • Financial (revenue and expense) projections
  • Potential project timeline

We also worked with them to assess how much volumes for their existing service lines (surgical, imaging, diagnostics, diabetes/nutritional care, physical therapy, etc.) would likely be increased, and how other key metrics such as length of stay (LOS), surgical complications, infections, and patient satisfaction could be improved by implementing an advanced wound care program.

Their leadership team and board of directors are currently planning initiatives for 2017-18. Should they decide to move forward with a specialty wound care service line at their rehabilitation or other facilities (inpatient or outpatient), we will likely continue provide them with management expertise and support, including:

  • Equipment and supply selection
  • Service pricing determination
  • Physician, clinician, and administration training
  • Clinical quality management and support
  • Operational management and support
  • Industry partnership negotiations (medical device, mHealth, etc.)
  • Other strategic planning, financial, clinical, operational and related advisory and support services as needed.

The new service line is projected to be cash-flow positive within its first year of operations, as well as to significantly contribute to the volumes of the system’s primary and ancillary service lines.

Are you a healthcare services firm or investor interested in exploring specialty wound care opportunities in a current or planned facility? Contact us to discuss how our expertise in planning, implementing, and managing successful wound care projects might boost clinical and financial outcomes for your organization.