Investing in Advanced Wound Care? Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes

It’s almost time for the largest healthcare investor event, the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference, AKA #JPM19 . Over the years, tons of nearby parallel events have sprung up, bringing investors and industry together for a week of education and networking at Union Square, the heart of San Francisco’s commercial district. Every healthcare segment will … Read More

URGO’s Merger with SteadMed: Here’s What You Need to Know

URGO’s Merger with SteadMed: Here’s What You Need to Know French wound care MNC URGO Medical just announced the merger/acquisition of Texas-based SteadMed Medical. The resulting entity will be known as Urgo Medical North America. If you’re an advanced wound care stakeholder inside North America, you may be wondering, “Who is URGO Medical?” If you’re … Read More

Were You Caught off Guard by the Healogics iSupply Announcement This Week?

What happened? The latest wound care development is the new Healogics iSupply program, announced this week.  Highlights of the initiative include: Special pricing on many/most categories of wound care and related regenerative medicine products. Leverage of outcomes and utilization management data. Quarterly product/supply reporting initiatives. Potential for future evolution based on the Healogics database and … Read More

Why Mölnlycke’s Acquisition of SastoMed Is a Big Deal

What happened? Today (2018.07.02), Mölnlycke Health Care announced its acquisition of SastoMed GmbH. Mölnlycke is of course known in the industry as a top global wound care (also wound prevention and surgical) product brand, particularly in Europe and the United States. SastoMed, a much smaller German firm, was a subsidiary of SanderStrothmann GmbH, a company which assesses, formulates, … Read More