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Wound Care and Regenerative Medicine Advisory

• Product strategy,commercialization, and business development (MNC, SME,startup)
• Service line implementation, clinical management, and operations (hospital, SNF, clinic, home health)
• Global medical and healthcare markets (developed, emerging, frontier)
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Due Diligence and Business War Gaming

• Investment, M&A, joint venture, and partnership intelligence
• Market research and launch/growth strategy
• Business war gaming preparation, facilitation, and execution
• Scenario development, contingency planning, and stress testing

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Wound Care Service Line Evaluation and Execution

• Partnership identification and negotiations
• Planning, implementation and management
• Equipment/product/formulary selection and training
• Hospital, SNF, clinic, home health

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Innovation Discovery and Competitive Intelligence

• Innovation scouting, assessment, and negotiations
• Conference and trade show coverage
• Competitive intelligence collection and insights
• Competitor monitoring and counter-competitive intelligence

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Corporate Strategy and Business Development

• Strategic and financial planning
• Distributor assessment and negotiations
• Sales and marketing training/competency development
• Board of directors, advisory board, and interim executive roles

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Become a Keener Wound Care Executive.

  • We are the expert in the business of wound care, regenerative medicine, and related products and services.
  • We are the only wound care advisory firm in the world with combined expertise in:
    1. Product strategy, commercialization, and business development
    2. Service line implementation, clinical management, and operations
    3. The global medical and healthcare markets (developed, emerging, frontier)
  • We empower our partners to become keener wound care executives, specialists, startups, and investors.

“Know the other side, know yourself;

in a hundred battles, never be defeated.”

“知 彼 知 己 者 ,百 战 不 殆.”


– Sun Zi’s Art of War

   孙 子 兵 法


Rafael Mazuz 马瑞夫, Managing Director

Rafael is an international advanced wound care and regenerative medicine executive. Prior to founding Diligence Wound Care Global LLC, he opened and led award-winning, multi-million dollar wound care units for the world’s largest provider of managed wound care services. With a background in management consulting, venture capital, healthcare strategy, business development, and operations, he and his team have successfully executed for investors, startups, device, and service firms in the global medical and healthcare markets.


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Product Strategy &
Business Development

Wound Care Service Line
Evaluation & Execution

Investor, Startup, & Innovation Advisory