We're Your Wound Care


We empower executives, investors, and specialists to be confident in their wound care business decisions.

Send us a message or schedule a consultation to tell us your unique situation.

We're Your Wound Care


We empower executives, investors, and specialists to be confident in their wound care business decisions.

Send us a message or schedule a consultation to tell us your unique situation.

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Companies Come to Us When One of These Five Wound Care Business Situations Arise:

How do we move forward?

The wound care sector has exploding growth, but can be dangerous to navigate if you don’t know what to look out for.

Our years of decision making and management experience, from the patient treatment room to the boardroom, helps you assess the landscape and make decisions with confidence.

Wound Care Strategic Advisory

  • Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

  • Portfolio Evaluation and Planning

  • Benchmarking, Gap Analysis, and Resource Allocation

  • Director, Advisory Board, and Interim Executive Roles

Where do we go next?

It’s easy to get burned by the unique conditions and considerations in each segment, care setting, and geography.

Our expertise helps you avoid investment and partnership nightmares, marketing strategy headaches, and so much more.

Wound Care and Regenerative Medicine Business Development

  • New Market Entry Assessment and Selection

  • Distributor and Partner Evaluation, Negotiations, and Management

  • Sales and Marketing Training / Competency Development

  • Global Medical and Healthcare Markets

Is this the right investment for me?

When it comes to wound care, the right knowledge and information are often the difference between major profits and painful losses.

Diligence’s thorough research and deep insights from across the wound care spectrum help you to avoid uncertainty and give you peace of mind–whether you choose to make the investment, or to walk away.

Wound Care
Due Diligence

  • Investment, M&A, Joint Venture, and Partnership Intelligence

  • Market and Competitive Dynamics Analysis

  • Research, Insights, and Customized Reporting

  • Scenario Development and Contingency Planning

Are we maximizing our potential?

In the highly competitive world of wound care, forward thinking is critical. Diligence stays on top of the latest developments, trends, technologies, and corporate activity in the field.

When you work with us, you can be confident that your decisions are informed, allowing you to maximize the value you deliver to your stakeholders.

Wound Care Discovery, Competitive Intelligence, and Business War Gaming

  • Innovation and New Product Discovery

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Conference and Trade Show Coverage

  • Business War Gaming Facilitation and Execution

How can we capitalize on opportunities in wound care services?

Driven by growth in chronic disease prevalence and an aging population, advanced wound care is a massive, booming, underserved healthcare opportunity.

Have you explored investment in advanced wound care services? Diligence has opened, managed, grown, and advised wound care centers and hospital units in both the developed and emerging markets. We also help to drive the cutting edge of digital wound care services and related innovative business models.

Wound Care Service Line Planning, Execution, and Optimization

  • Market, Partnership, and Target Identification and Negotiations

  • Evaluation, Planning, Implementation, and Clinical/Operational Management

  • Equipment / Product / Technology Selection, Marketing Strategy, and Staff Training

  • Acute (Hospital Inpatient + Surgical + Burn Center + LTAC), Post-acute (SNF / Rehab + Clinic + Home Health), Digital Health (EMR / EHR + Telemed / Virtual / Mobile Health + Clinical Decision Support + Data Analytics)

Featured Clients

Why Our Customers Trust Us

"Rafael is fluent in the business of wound care. His combination of on-the-ground and global industry insights is incredibly valuable to us. We have re-engaged him several times."

Eileen Yi

GM, Greater China and Southeast Asia, Acelity (KCI)
(acquired by 3M Company)

“Collaborating with Diligence Wound Care Global gives us confidence in our path forward. Whether planning a new product launch at corporate or empowering our executives to navigate the field, they're our go-to wound care business partner.”

Joe Bockus

Division VP, Advanced Wound Care, Medline

“Rafael understands wound care like no other. From the questions that keep investors and senior management up at night, to the pain points of clinicians and administrators delivering patient care, his guidance and network are priceless.”

Michael Sander

Founder and CEO, SastoMed
(acquired by Mölnlycke Health Care)

Become a Keener Wound Care Executive.

Product Strategy & Business Development

Wound Care Service Line Evaluation & Execution

Investor & Startup Advisory & Due Diligence

Get Your Comprehensive Wound Care Due Diligence
Investment and Partnership Checklist.

Be confident in your next move. This free guide will cover the following key dimensions for target due diligence, including:

  • Joint venture (JV), mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and other investment and partnership scenarios
  • Market research and competitive landscape
  • Education, adoption, and usage / utilization
  • Research and Development (R&D) and pipeline
  • Intellectual property (IP) and legal
  • Manufacturing and regulatory
  • Payer and reimbursement
  • Call point, sales cycle, and operational
  • Company leadership assessment
  • Valuation and exit strategy
  • Unique considerations for wound care products vs. services

Download your free wound care due diligence checklist today.

Who Is Rafael Mazuz and Diligence Wound Care Global?

He is an international advanced wound care executive.

He has opened and led award-winning, multi-million dollar wound care centers for the world’s largest wound care management provider. In this role, he directed clinicians and administrators, evaluated, purchased, and used advanced wound care products and services, and had full P&L responsibility of each center. Consistently exceeding clinical, operational, and financial goals, he and his team were named as both a national Center of Excellence and mentor site, sharing best practices with other wound care programs.

Currently, Rafael personally heads all Diligence Wound Care Global engagements to ensure that executives and investors we work with get the most powerful wound care intelligence and insights, while leveraging our global network of experts. He also serves on the boards of innovative startups, speaks at key industry events, and is on the editorial advisory board of Today’s Wound Clinic.

Rafael received his MBA from Tel-Aviv University, with studies at Nanyang Technological University, and his BSc from The University of Maryland. He speaks four languages. With a background spanning management consulting, VC, healthcare strategy, business development, and operations, Rafael has empowered and executed for wound care investors, startups, device, pharma, and services firms from New York City to Ho Chi Minh City.

We are the expert in the business of wound care med-tech, including:

Advanced wound dressings (AWD), allografts, amniotics, antimicrobials, autografts, bioactive glass, biologics, cellular and tissue products (CTPs), cleansers, compression therapy (active and passive), debridement therapies, diagnostics (Dx), digital and mobile health IT, energy and light therapy, hemostatics, infection prevention and management, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), nutrition, over-the-counter (OTC), oxygenators and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), pain relief, pharmaceuticals, pressure offloading, regenerative medicine, scar management, surgical closure, vascular interventions, and xenografts.

We are the expert in the business of wound care services, including:

– Acute: Inpatient, surgical, burn center, long term acute care (LTAC)

– Post-acute: Wound care center / clinic / ambulatory, skilled nursing facility (SNF), home health care

– Digital health: Telemed / virtual / mHealth, data analytics, predictive analytics, clinical decision support (CDS)

We are the only wound care business and investment advisory firm with combined fluency in:

The customer/end-user perspective

Product strategy, commercialization, and business development

Service line implementation, clinical management, and operations

The global medical and healthcare markets (developed, emerging, frontier)

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